Reverse Harem

Fairy Tales

Because we all love a magical

happy ending...

1. The Little Mermaid Romance Retelling

I have three days to kiss the guy, but I don't remember why.

Actually, that's not the only thing I don't recall. I have no idea what happened, or how I got to where I am now. All I know is that I'm going mad. Literally. Like, there is a voice in my head, urging me to do something before it's too late. And then there are those dreams...

Oh yes, those dreams...

They make me blush and pant with desire, longing for a life under the sea. A life I believe is a fairy tale, an illusion created by my mind. And so is Sebastian, the handsome merman who I'm fooling around with in those dreams. Or he is real, and the handsome stranger that's trying to help me get back on my feet (literally) is the one that's fake?

Time is running out, and without my memories, all I can rely on is my instincts. And they are saying that something fishy is going on here (excuse the pun). And they are urging me to run as fast and as far from both men as I can. So, what do I do?

Yep, the exact opposite.

I run towards one and swim towards the other, attempting to figure this out...

2. Snow White

Romance Retelling

(Coming Soon)

Snow White Desire (Reverse Harem Fairy Tales, Book 6) By Timea Tokes
Snow White Need (Reverse Harem Fairy Tales, Book 8) By Timea Tokes

I was supposed to marry the cruel prince my evil stepmother chose for me, so I did the one thing I could: I ran, never to look back.

But being alone in the middle of the woods isn't the smartest move for a young woman.

If you are a princess, it's a whole new level of crazy.

Everyone is out to get me, and there is a prize on my head. They don't even care anymore whether I'm being captured dead or alive.

My only chance of survival is the men I cannot trust, but the ones I have to rely on: the three hunters that were sent to hunt me down. But instead of claiming their prize, they are willing to listen to my side of the story.

The question is whether I can change their minds and their hearts before it's too late...

Snow White Longing (Reverse Harem Fairy Tales, Book 7) By Timea Tokes
Snow White Passion (Reverse Harem Fairy Tales, Book 9) By Timea Tokes
Snow White Love (Reverse Harem Fairy Tales, Book 10) By Timea Tokes