Reverse Harem


Because why should you choose when you can have them all...

Dominated By My Neighbours

Dominated By My Neighbours (Reverse Harem Chronicles, Book 8) By Timea Tokes

I thought reading Fifty Shades in public was embarrassing... well, try acting it out with a group of strangers...

Rule no 1 of book club: never talk about book club (except when you are trying to recruit new members).

Being a resident bookworm, my reaction was understandable when my neighbour invited me to her top secret gathering. I was over the moon with joy and excitement. I was finally being accepted for who I was, and there were books involved.

It would have been paradise.

Well, anyone can imagine my shock when I learnt that they do way more than read, and their choice of books isn't exactly on the safe side, either.

They are prompting me to take the risk and join in, but I'm welcome to observe - for now.

The real question is: will watching them be enough?

Dominated By My Neighbours 2 (Reverse Harem Chronicles, Book 9) By Timea Tokes

Three Billionaires & Me

Twenty-four hours, one million pounds. I guess everyone has a price, and I have just found mine.

Living in the big city was a big dream of mine, but it didn't turn out the way I planned. Instead of fame, wealth and security, I have been scraping together for the bare minimum for the past three years.

But tonight, my luck is changing. What I need to do for it can be easily forgotten after, I hope. Nothing I wouldn't already do for free anyway, so why not get paid for it, right? The deal is to accompany a rich guy to a fancy party and be eye-candy. Simple and easy.

But when the three billionaires that bid for a night with me present me with another, more outrageous deal, everything changes.

I'm going to play their game, because I'm no quitter. True, it's three against one, and the clock is ticking, but I am determined to win.

Whatever it takes...

Three Policemen & Me

My father always thought I would follow in his footsteps and become a police officer.

But instead I was always a misfit with secret desires that wouldn't have pleased him the least, should he have known about them.

It might not be too late to start over now though. I finally picked up the courage and sent in my application to the force.

Before, I always managed to slip through the fingers of justice, but now... Now I am in the spotlight. I put myself there. And when there is nowhere to hide, the three policemen who wanted to arrest me in the past are now out to get me.

And not in the way I imagined it, either. Okay, maybe exactly the way I imagined it.

And the scary part is that every part of me wants them to succeed.

Three Firemen & Me

A few months ago my life depended on a few seconds - and on three firemen who saved my ass.

I owe them, big time. And I would do anything to show them just how grateful I am for this new me. Because, since the accident, I have been different.

Bold. Adventurous. Carefree.

Now, when opportunity knocks on my door (quite literally), I'm willing to do whatever it takes to have all three of them, even if it will only be for a night. Just like Cinderella, I'm going to a ball. I can only hope that instead of a pumpkin, something else will explode at midnight.