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Spring Into Action


Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are enjoying Spring as much as I am. To me, warmer weather has many advantages. Like seeing hunky guys go shirtless on the beach. Or wearing shorter skirts, feeling hotter and sexier. Yes, my blood is always flowing in the right places this time, if you catch my drift.

Okay, on a serious note: Spring has always been my favourite season. I love watching nature come alive with colours, blossoming into what it was always meant to be. This time of the year I can totally relate to the Universe, to the World, but most importantly, to myself. Somehow my own desires, wishes and wants become ten times clearer, more apparent. Not to mention that I usually have to act on them as well, and do it fast. Spring is truly a season for action. Yep, that kind of action, too.

So much so, that I found out something new about myself only a little while ago. Something I thought I would share with you guys. Of course, in this sense, action only appears in the stories I write and read, but this doesn't make it less alluring.


Reluctant at First


It was just before Valentine's Day when I found a book recommendation. I read the blurb and instantly fell in love with the main character and the plot. I also adored the cover, so I went on to buy and download the story to my Kindle.

One thing followed another, and I ended up spending Valentine's Day reading about this Cupid who longed to have a love of her own. She was always there, helping others fall in love, but not actually having a physical body prevented her from doing the same. The book was so different, so intense that I went through it in one sitting.

Yeah, I know, I do that quite often with books (which I never ever regret - okay, maybe a little bit the next morning when I have to wake up all blurry-eyed, bed-headed and grumpy). But there was something else in this book, something that was so different from what I read before, that I was reluctant when I first found out about it.


Reverse Harem


When I realised that there wasn't one or two guys our resident Cupid falls in love with, but four (!), I was like: how can you have feelings for so many people all at once? It seemed and sounded impossible to me. Okay, I did write quite a few stories about 'sharing is caring'. I do have a series when the main character falls in love with her hot neighbour AND his equally fascinating wife. There was even one where she couldn't decide, so ended up shagging both handsome strangers. But four people?

Yeah, I kept reading though, because I'm a curious person as ya know. And guess what? I don't have any doubts anymore. All four of them loved her differently, and from each and every one she got something the other couldn't offer. And she gave each and every one of them something different, too.

Of course, I went on and read the whole series, and fell in love with the guys myself. How could I have stayed sceptical when one of them was sweet and kind, cherishing her whenever she felt down. He even carried a box of chocolates around, just for her. And then there was passion. Lots of passion. My Kindle almost got on fire! No pun intended.

I have to tell you another secret. I fell in love with the genre, too. So much so that when the next book recommendation came up, I said yes without blinking. The next reverse harem series was downloaded before I could say chocolate-is-better-than-sex (it isn't).


I'm Hooked!


I'm officially hooked on this genre now. You know that I don't judge, but if I'm honest, I did judge myself at first. Did my views on my own sexuality change? Could one guy no longer satisfy me? Well, I don't know the answers (yet). But I do know that I love the concept of having everything you want without jealousy, regrets or shame.

So yes, I will keep reading reverse harem for now and try to figure out what I want in the meantime. But isn't this what erotic stories are about in the first place? Bring you closer to your inner, well-hidden desires? I know they are helping me become who I truly am. And I know one more thing: I want to write my own reverse harem story.

But until then, here are the ones that got me hooked:


My Favourites That You Should Read, Too


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