Spoilt For Choice

The Promise of Something More


Autumn has always stuck a cord with me. Why? Because, although it's a harbinger of doom, a messenger saying that the whole world is about to end as we know it - inevitably, without question - it also contains a promise. A promise of everything renewing after a winter-long slumber. And it's the same every year. The constant rebirth of nature inspires me to do a new take on everything and everyone, including myself. Somehow, the ruby sunsets and the eerie milieu force me to see the unique beauty in it all. Yep, that beautiful promise I just talked about.

This is a time to let go, and also finding the peace and quiet in finally doing so. I might even risk saying that the whole atmosphere fills me with relief. Don't get me wrong, I always said that spring was my favourite season, the only one that celebrates birth. Hell, even I was born in May. But for some time now, I've understood that nature needs a break, too. And then, just like the phoenix rising from its ashes, nature will come back with double force, after a well-deserved sleep.

It's simple, straight-forward. Maybe that's why I enjoy it this much, especially now. Autumn is everything our world is not or what it pretends not to be: peaceful, quiet and given. Yes, choices and free will are cool, as long as you know what to do with them. But from where I'm standing, right now, thinking back at my past, so many times I wished I didn't have to make a choice. I would have given anything to just be presented with one single option, and one option alone. I know I didn't look at it this way back then, but if I knew what I know now, I would have wanted a simpler equation.


Spoilt By Choice


Even small things are being made so complicated, like ordering a costume for Halloween. All I wanted was to dress up as a witch. Simple, right? Think again. Of course, ordering online makes our modern life ten times easier than our elders', but not when you are presented with so many choices. Here I was, thinking I will be in and out of the virtual boutique in no time, but alas, was I wrong. I could almost hear the annoying little voice of the virtual shop assistant pop all the questions, just to keep me there a minute longer, in the hopes of convincing me to purchase ten additional items I didn't even need. Oh, right, because apparently witch costumes come in a hundred different colours, some with satin gloves, others with high-heel boots. And of course, the pointed hat, the black cat, the ouija board can be ordered separately, for twice as much as the costume itself.

Okay, I can deal with that, I'm a big girl and all. Two hours and plenty of frustration later, I chose the colour of the dress and the hat that I sort of liked (although I don't quite understand why would a witch need a bat-print corset in bright purple), decided whether I should have a silk cape or a pointed hat, picked the plush persian cat, and I was good to go. I placed everything in my proverbial basket, feeling like a real witch, only having to snap my fingers for these magical items to appear at my doorstep. Hell, they might even be delivered by a hunky guy, so it's a win-win. Of course, my virtual (and pretty much non-existent) shop assistant chose this exact moment to show me an outfit (a quite sexy one) that was way better than the previous one. With a sigh I unpacked my basket, laughing at the irony. I think this is the time when I should mention that three outfits and a couple more hours later, I was as confused and frustrated as ever.

Am I sure I want to proceed with the order? Now that was the moment I used my magical powers to calm down, instead of throwing my laptop out of the window. Yep, my originally picked outfit will do perfectly, thank you very much. I made the payment (interesting enough that only took me a few moments), and patiently waited for my bright purple bat-print corset with the pointy hat to arrive, alongside that hunky delivery guy. Sure enough, I got at least half of the bargain the next day. Considering that I'm going to the Halloween party solo, you can guess which part. Oh well, at least the outfit isn't that bad, and it's quite witchy as well. And you know what? It gave me an excellent idea for another story of mine. Oh yes, this one is gonna be real special.


Eenie, Meeni, Miini Moh...


What's the conclusion? Well, I heard that if someone has more than three options, they won't be able to choose, no matter how much one option stands out from the rest. It will simply be impossible for them. It surely was for me. Okay, maybe not impossible, but frustrating enough. Can you imagine if I wasn't that set on dressing up as a witch this Halloween? What then? God, that adamant virtual assistant might have ended up convincing me to go as Quasimodo for all I know. Phew, glad at least I was sure about something!

On a side note, I get the same with books. Does it ever happen to you? You look at all the tempting covers, titles and blurbs, thinking that there isn't possibly enough time to read them all, so you have to pick - one, and only one - that you will start reading right now. But how do you make that choice, when there are so many? Don't even get me started on men. Especially if we are talking book-boyfriend materials. I know I have a few of my own, and if you asked me to pick right now, I would tell you a name, then, thinking about it, I would correct myself, giving you a full list of maybe twenty or thirty of the sexiest, most drool-worthy characters who ever walked this planet (or any other planet, figuratively, of course).

But, if I didn't have a choice, and had to pick a book that I wrote, a character I created, and had to declare them my one and only true love, I would know without hesitation who to pick. I would have my first, my second, and my third choice, and I could tell you right now. If this season taught me anything, it's that you might have plenty of choice, you might be confused and lost, but if you don't decide, then all they are ever gonna be are missed opportunities. Sure, you can say that all of them could be yours, but the emphasis is on 'could', not on 'will'. What's better? To say that any of these could be mine but never will be, or that this one will be mine. I prefer the latter.


The A-List


So, here is the part where I show you mine, if you show me yours. Just kidding, but feel free to let me know which of my characters are your favourites. And if you haven't met my recommended hunks yet, you know what to do on a chilly autumn night. Ready? Okay. Deep breaths. Now, let me introduce you to Aidan, from Conjured Lover. He is truly otherworldly, but I don't want to spoil anything for you, in case you haven't read the story yet. Let's just say it involves witches, a bit of real magic, and a mirror universe where all your wishes can come true. Yep, yummy.

Silver goes to Will, from Truth or Dare. He is playing a dangerous game, and he won my heart as soon as I wrote the first details about him. I mean, what's not to love? He is a true gentleman as well, fighting his overwhelming feelings towards his best friends 'little' sister, who is all grown-up now by the way. Truth or Dare is a sexy, daring, yet funny winter romance, which warms my heart every time I get transported back to Will and Scarlet's world.

You might ask, after all this, who could top it all, being my ultimate favourite? Well, the answer might sound difficult, but it isn't for me. As soon as I created this story, I knew it took a part of me with it. It made me wish he was real. His name is Eric, and he has long black hair and piercing blue eyes. He is something else, with his cheeky humour and eternal passion for beauty. So yes, I'm hopelessly in love with a character I created for my (and my readers') pleasure. How twisted is that? It's not like he could come to life, right? I'm no real witch, no matter how the costume makes me feel. But it doesn't mean we can't have fun from time to time *coughs*. Oh, and guess what? So can you. Squirm Under My Watch is available to download for free, if you sign up to my newsletter.

Don't be spoilt by the choices though. Or be spoilt by them. Remember, it's your choice...


Timea x

Spoilt for Choice by Author Timea Tokes

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