The One That Got Away...

All Hallow's Eve


Halloween is fast approaching, and with it many mixed emotions - at least for me. I have always believed that here, in London, many spooky things happen that day. Especially because I find the whole city eerie this time of the year. The streets are mostly deserted, with not a soul in sight, and at night you can hear the crying of the foxes. Top it up with a full moon and a thick and mysterious fog, and there, you have the perfect setting for All Hallow's Eve (but it would fit in pretty well into a horror movie, too).

Especially a few weeks back, when the sky became a darker shade of yellow-orange. Well, that was a sight to behold. Everyone was kind of waiting for doom's day, but of course it didn't happen (thank God). But looking at the Gothic scenery and considering the feelings that haunt me this time of the year, I must admit, I'm a tad bit uneasy already.

As a Paranormal slash Erotica Author, I know a thing or two about the Supernatural. And no, not just the hot series with Sam and Dean Winchester (and Castiel and Crowley) in it, but all the inexplicable things that surround us every single day. Like wishes that come true, or people bumping into us out of the blue. If you ask me, I do believe there is more to life than what meets the eye. And yes, I believe in previous lives, ghosts and all that sort, too.




I would hardly say that I have physical proof, of course. But I have dreams, recurring ones, too, as you might know if you have read my Paranormal Romance series, Her First and Last Secret Admirer. The dream that started it all was actually real, as well as the feeling that followed suit. There was this guy in it, who had long blondish-brown hair. But that's all I knew about him, for a very long time. He was there, haunting me, sometimes silently, while other times a bit louder.

Either way, every time he left me breathless. And he didn't even touch me! He was wearing a full armor, so all I could see was his hair. And that panty-dropping smile. Oh hell yes. Later on I learned that he had aqua eyes, too. Gorgeous, soul-shuttering eyes that could see right through you. The kind of eyes you don't mind getting lost in for ever...

Anyway, as I was saying... Would you believe it if I told you that I actually bumped into him a few years AFTER the dreams? Of course, the rest of the story never happened. But I always wondered what could have been should I have stopped for that coffee. Would we still be together? Would he have stayed? How would have my life turned out? And who was he anyway?


Mr Long Hair


Yes, it is possible, that all this was a trick of my imagination. It could be. But then there were other things that confirmed his existence. I'm not going to bore you with the details now, maybe another time. But of course, this time of the year, I always remember that fateful day, as if it happened yesterday. After all, that was what tripped the scale, and that was the main reason I started creating my first ever book. Don't take me wrong, I have always wanted to write. But until then, I didn't have the courage.

I didn't have a name, except for the one that popped into my mind years later when I dreamed about him again. I like to believe that by writing the story down and finishing it, in another life, I gave Mr Long Hair (or Lorian, as I later named him in my book as well) and I a chance at happiness. And, just like Katy Perry sings in her song, maybe in another lifetime I won't have to say that he was the one that got away. Okay, it might have been me who missed the one chance I got. But I don't believe that we only get one chance in life, no.

In fact, I did have another chance - the books. Even though they aren't real as such, they are to me. They will always have a very special place in my heart, and so will he. It isn't every day that you dream about someone you never met, only for them to manifest into real life, right?


And here comes my surprise...


That thought got me thinking. Why shouldn't this be possible? It would be so nice if we could cast a spell, or simply conjure up an idea of the perfect partner, and then somehow they would manifest. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. So, watch this space, a spooky (and a bit kinky) erotica short is coming (hopefully) in time for Halloween.

Buckle up, as there will be spells that go amiss, a Halloween party that ends in an unusual way, sexy witches, mouth-watering warlocks and some naughty fun, all coming your way in my next story.

More details soon, but until then don't forget to get your dresses ready. Oh, have I mentioned that I'm going on a cemetery tour where I'm going to learn about a local witch, and undead soldiers who wouldn't rest even after they died in battle? Brr, sounds fun, and I can't wait. Hope they won't mistake me for the deceased witch though...

The One That Got Away by Timea Tokes

What will you be this Halloween? And do you believe that special things can happen that night?


Timea x

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