A Sexy Game: Truth or Dare

The Story That Started It All


Games have been part of human nature since the beginning of time, although their nature changed a little. Okay, a lot. But boy, even in ancient times, people knew how to have fun. Did you know that Kama Sutra was one of the first written guides to the pleasurable activity we all crave every day? Yep, it's ancient knowladge, and it isn't every day that someone creates something that will still be relevant 2000 years later. That's what I would call real talent, wouldn't you agree? Although it might just be that the author found the right angle (pun intended) on a popular (and sexy) topic, and went with his instincts.

Well, we are truly grateful, especially since the book has so many 'descendants', ones that are real fun. And this is where games come into play. Although the whole concept started out as an actual step by step guide to the art of making love, today we can find hundreds (thousands?) of games that originated from the masterpiece.

I'm sure many of you remember playing 'toss the bottle'. For those of you who can't remember, it involved a bottle (obviously), and a bunch of friends who would sit in a circle, then when one of them tossed the bottle and it pointed at another, there was a sexy dare. Although I was quite young when I was introduced to this fun form of entertainment, therefore only kissing was allowed, I heard many interesting stories. Teenagers can be cruel, as we all know. (No, I did not have to make out with a girl, but one of my classmates wasn't that lucky - or she was, depending on the way you look at it).

Then there is the striptease poker. Oh, God, I loved to lose in that. Sweet memories *sigh* (okay, not so sweet, but rather hot, bothering and arousing ones). I even got a Kama Sutra dice for my birthday once, but sadly, I didn't get to use it and it got lost when I moved to a new place. What a shame! But anyway, I was saying that there are many games one can try, and sometimes it is good to spice up the relationship. It isn't always easy to get that special kick from the same old, same old. And that isn't just true for relationships, but erotica stories, too.

What do I mean?


Well, here's the thing: not every erotica writer realizes that although the topic is given by default, our possibilities are endless, just the same as if we were writing science fiction. It's always our imagination that restricts us, or gives us wings to fly. And I like the feeling of flying, so I would rather choose the latter.

But many of my readers ask where I get my inspiration from. And most of the times it's simple. I'm in a sexy mood and conjure a beautiful person in my mind, along with a personality. What does he/she do, what are their flaws and imperfections, what makes them special, but also human? What would they like to do, what are they looking for in a relationship, and maybe most importantly, what kind of sex do they enjoy?

It's a nice way to experiment. And there are also times when a real life event inspires me. I like to turn things upside down, twist them inside-out until they become something else, something unexpected. Like an escort who falls in love, or a sexy dentist who doesn't only want to drill your tooth (this one is coming soon), or a new year's resolution that goes wrong. So many times we don't know what we want, and that appears in my stories quite often. And so does the fact that when it comes to love, we tend to misjudge what the other person thinks about us.

The Cherry on Top


And that brings us back to the games, and especially one game that is probably my favourite: truth or dare. The sexy version, of course. Although, in my opinion, it's way more than just a way to try new positions or things we would be reluctant to do normally. When you play this with a partner (whether you just got together or have been going at it for years), it requires absolute and unconditional trust.

Yep, just think about it. Whether you chose to tell the truth or complete a dare, you trust the other person to give you a task you will want to fulfill, let alone enjoy. That takes a lot of courage, too. Especially when someone has inhibitions, or when the circumstances aren't quite right. You need to know the other person, you will feel compelled to do what they say. A dare is a dare, after all.

Of course, this could spice things up quite a bit. Just like it did in my newest story, Truth or Dare. I don't know why, but something made me remember this sensual game (although I mostly played it safe back in the day, chosing truth - I know, I know, BORING). So, I decided to create a story around it. And I loved every minute of it! I don't think I have found any of my characters this sexy (okay, I might say that all the time, but still), and I loved the plot.

The funny thing is that I was craving some snow, so I wrote a winter story in the biggest heat. Yep, that's one of the reasons why I love writing erotica; it transports me to a different world and I stay there even long after the story is complete. Although this time it didn't help with the heat, as by the end of it I was all hot and bothered. Oh, well, never mind.


Playful Teaser from Truth or Dare


Snow, an abandoned cabin in the woods, your best friend's "little" sister, and a naughty game of truth or dare. What could possibly go wrong? Or should we ask: what could possibly go right? ~o~ Scarlet The bad boy I had known all my life was gone; for a second, he looked like a scared little boy. One that took my breath away every time I looked at him, but still, just a scared little thing. His mask shattered to a million pieces, just like that. All it took was a simple dare. Maybe he wasn’t that carefree after all. Or maybe he cared too much, I wasn’t able to tell. I couldn’t help but hope the latter was true though. I had had a major crush on him since high school. And that was ten years ago now. Either way, I was going to find out tonight. That was the only reason I had suggested this stupid game after his truck broke down. We were in the middle of nowhere, and quite conveniently (for me), we had found an abandoned cabin in the woods. What a way to spend the holidays! I let out a sigh, approaching him with a bright smile on my quivering lips. That was all I could do not to burst out laughing. “William, you know, a dare is a dare.” And it wasn’t like I had asked him to jump off a roof, or something. Although, judging by his expression, I could have bet that he assumed his task was no less dangerous. Well, he might have been right about that, but he didn’t need to know it. Not yet anyway. He looked down at me, and his amber eyes searched my face for any clues that I might be kidding. Now, that made me forget my previous desire to laugh at him, and I just stood there, my blue eyes captured by his intense gaze. I shivered, wishing that he would kiss me already. What was he waiting for? I dared him to do that, and now he was hesitating. Didn’t he want me as much as I wanted him? Was I mistaken all those years? ~o~ Will I looked out of the window, contemplating my options. I could rush back outside, jump into my car and drive far, far away from Scarlet. Of course I could have done that. But then she would realize that I lied. Nothing was wrong with the truck, and we weren’t lost. But how could I explain my reasons? And yet, running away would have been the sensible thing to do. Run and never look back. I could forget about the way her cute pink lips curled upwards when she smiled, I could even ignore the way her blue eyes tempted me. And those curves! Those were mine to explore, I knew that. So, what was the problem? She had even dared me to kiss her. And yes, there was my other option. To kiss the woman I had wanted ever since I knew what sex was and how to do it. The only problem was that I never got to do it with her. And sure, this time it could end with an innocent kiss. Not that I truly believed that my second option would be only that. I wasn’t naïve, and I could feel the heat rise between us, especially when those eyes bore into mine like crystal daggers of passion. A sigh escaped my lips and I bit down on the lower one – hard. Not that the pain helped, on the contrary. It only intensified my longing for her touch. Why was I still resisting? I didn’t want to go there. Okay, I did, but I couldn’t. Well, if I really thought about it, I could have, but it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. Scarlet was the little sister of my best friend, a friend who was coming to rescue us tomorrow. It might have sounded silly, but to me, it seemed appropriate to ask for my friend’s blessing, before… Well, how exactly was I going to tell Tom that I was about to fuck his little sister senseless? True, she might have been twenty-five, but I knew how protective Tom could be. I was surprised he let me carry out my little plan. Of course, I carefully emitted the tiny detail about me wanting to have my way with her. As far as Tom was concerned, this was all about taking care of her and teaching her a lesson.


You can get a Kindle or a paperback copy of Truth or Dare, An Erotica Short Story here.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read, like, share and comment. Hope you enjoy Truth or Dare. No, you don't need to read it with a partner, although it might be wise.

Tell me, which one is your favourite sexual game?

1, Truth or Dare?

2, Kama Sutra Dice?

3, Striptease Poker?

4, Toss the Bottle?

5, Or something completely different?


Timea x

Truth or Dare by Timea Tokes

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