May Giveaway & April Winners

I Can't Believe How Quickly Time Flies...

I only posted about my April signed paperback giveaway yesterday, and it's already May. Oh, wait, I lost track of time (again). It happens more often than not, especially when I write (and I tend to do that a lot, too, nowadays). I just get lost in my own fairy-tale land (or in most cases, steamy & kinky erotica land), and let the days pass me by. Oh, well, at least I'm enjoying every minute of it (even if time as such ceases to exist).

But of course, I haven't got so distracted that I would forget what I promised. I promised two signed paperback copies of my titles, to be distributed among my lovely readers (aka YOU). I know that two isn't a huge number (especially considering how many of you supported me last month, and continue to do so). Please bear with me, I will keep giving you goodies, to thank you for your dedication. I love every single one of you, and I'm utterly grateful!

For those of you, who missed the giveaway, don't worry, I will get onto the next one soon (I promise). But first, let's reveal the secret, shall we?

And The Winner Is...

Ta da da da... Okay, seriously though, the winners of April's signed paperback giveaway are:

1. Emily B

My Hitch-Hiking Valentine by Timea Tokes

~o~ a short erotic story

~o~ signed paperback copy

~o~ email sent for confirmation & instructions

2. MT Reynolds

The Bucket List by Timea Tokes

~o~ a short erotic story

~o~ signed paperback copy

~o~ email sent for confirmation & instructions

Congratulations! If any problems, feel free to contact me, as always.

May Signed Paperback Giveaway Titles

1. Seducing the Plumber 1 - Sweet Time Waiting - A Short Erotic Story by Timea Tokes - Signed Paperback Copy

2. Blue Highlights - A Short Erotic Story by Timea Tokes - Signed Paperback Copy

How to Apply?

The process couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is sign up to my newsletter (of course, you can unsubscribe anytime). But please note that if you chose to do so, you will not be eligible for later entries, until you subscribe again (I won't hold a grudge against you, don't worry!). Oh, and I won't send you more than 1-2 emails a week (depending on how often I get in the mood to post here).

Okay, so if you want to get a chance to grab a FREE SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY of one of my books, then you just find the 'Join our mailing list, never miss an update' sign at the bottom of the page (or right under this post if you are reading via your phone).

How many entries do you get by signing up?

One per giveaway, to start with. So, once you subscribe to my newsletter, you will be eligible for both paperbacks (as well as ones that I will reveal next month). Oh, yes, I have big plans with this, so stay tuned. If you remain a subscriber, then you shouldn't worry, you will automatically be enlisted for all competitions (unless of course you want to opt out without losing your subscription - which you can do anytime).

I want to state again, that this is totally, utterly and completely FREE. So you don't pay anything, not even postage. All you need to do is enter your email address, click submit and then sit back and relax (and wait for the announcement).

However, if you would like me to include your email address twice in that particular magic hat for the same book (because you want it so badly), you can always comment on one of my blog posts. I'm not being greedy or selfish, purely want to know You a little better, and want to reward you all for your support. I will be honored, trust me!

When will you get your prize if you win?

On the first of June I will announce the two winners (who will of course be selected randomly from among my lovely subscribers & commenters). After that, I will send you a 'congratulations, you won' email (obviously in a more creative way) and you will have till the 15th of June to respond and 'claim' your prize (just briefly say hello and reply with the requested details, e.g. name, address, who do you want me to sign the book to, etc).

After I receive your reply, it will take 1-2 weeks to deliver (depending on where you live - and of course, how quickly you claim your prize).

How Many Winners Will Be In May's Giveaway?

Two, who will be selected randomly on the 1st of June. Anyone who subscribes before that (even at 11:59 PM on the last day of May) will be eligible. If you are extremely lucky, you might take home both prizes (in which case, there will be one winner, obviously).

I won't disclose the full email address of the lucky ones, but will include their first name in the post (if applicable). E.g. if your email address is, then I will say that 'Hey, this month our winner is HornyFellow'. (Don't worry, there won't be any confusion, as pretty much 1-2 hours after the announcement, you should receive an email from me with the requested details).


This is just a teeny-tiny way of saying a huge thanks guys for reading my posts and stories. It means a lot to me, and please do share this with your book-loving friends (if they are 18+, of course). Thank you, and good luck to you all! And, for those who don't win: don't worry, there will be plenty to go around later. But, if you can't wait, you can always purchase the books via Amazon, as I'm going to host some book signing events as well soon. Oops, that was supposed to be a secret for now. Oh, well, never mind. Now you know (although, they will be in the UK to start with). But who knows, right?

Feel free to let me know which books you would like in the Surprise Giveaway for June. I will take every suggestion into consideration.

As always, stay tuned, and if any questions, you know where to find me.


Timea x

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