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Hello Dearies, (okay, this reminds me of Once Upon a Time's Rumpelstilskin, too). So, sorry for the picture that's probably edged into your mind right now, but I just couldn't help it. Especially because I am in a partly joyous, partly supernatural (and mostly erotic mood). Why? Because so many unbelievable things are happening right now. I could feel a shift in the air for a long time now, but now it's all accelerating (and no, I'm not turning into a dragon, or vampire or werewolf or anything of the sort -I hope). My giddiness has something to do with my writing, and the direction it's taking suddenly.

My first audiobook is on its way to Amazon's virtual shelves, as well as my fourth paranormal romance, 'Their Last Secret' (more updates on those later, for now I will keep up the suspense - I know, I know, you are beginning to understand that Rumpelstilskin anecdote, aren't you?)

Not to mention the dragon shifter and Lucifer stories I'm currently working on. Brr, I can't wait to share them with you guys! But anyway, not going to flood this post about my personal stuff, because that's not what I wanted to talk about today (yes, if you haven't guessed already, I do get distracted quite easily). But don't worry, all my mumbling will make sense soon (hopefully). So, all in all, apart from all that lovely (and knicker-twistingly exciting) stuff, I just came across a few websites I wanted to share with you. Some of them inspired me when creating my sexy supernatural characters, while others are a perfect place for readers and writers to bond.

This is not an extensive list (not at all), nor is it complete. It's just a tiny morsel, a taste, if you like. Hope you find some of them inspiring and useful, and please feel free to ask any questions. I am going to share this tiny but sinful list with you, and my reasons for thinking that they are awesome. If you know about any other hidden gems out there, feel free to share them with me, and I will try to keep expanding this list in the future, too. Stay tuned! Okay, so here it goes (in no particular order whatsoever):

1. Noveltrove Erotica

You might have heard me mention this website already, but if not, then I can't tell you enough how much I love it. It's basically a website where erotica writers and poets post their creations, ones that the public (aka eager readers like all of us) can indulge in, free of charge. Yes, you heard that right. But that's not even my favorite part about it, no. It's rather the fact that it's a whole community where you can share your thoughts with fellow authors and readers.

The feeling you get when someone writes a few comments on your piece is priceless, let alone when you can get an answer from an actual author. Yes, regardless of the fact that I joined the ever-expanding circle myself, it still fills me with awe and a shiver runs along my spine anytime I speak to one of them. I mean, seriously? When I grew up, the likes of J. K. Rowling were like Saints, who couldn't be approached in a million years. God, we wouldn't have dreamed about as much as saying "hi" to them, right?

Well, not anymore. In the era of open forums and blogs, luckily, this is rapidly changing. Oh, and let me let you in on a massive secret: authors actually love to hear from their fans. Most of them do, anyway. I know I do. And Noveltrove is one of those places where lovers of erotica can do exactly that: communicate with authors and readers. It's a lot of fun! So, make yourself a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and have a browse.

What you will find:





Author Interviews

Author Bios and Websites

Announcement Wall


Do you want to know what my favorite sex position is? Yeah, right, we talk about that sort of stuff, too on Noveltrove. And you can find all of that info on the forum, ehem. We are humans, after all. Now on to my next target:

2. Sinful Cravings

I just recently found this hidden gem. I can't believe it hasn't hit the top 10 list of any erotica author's (or reader's) go-to sites yet. Oh well, we are about to change that. With its simple yet elegant design, this erotica site captured my attention straight away. Similarly to Noveltrove, here as well you can read free stories by erotica writers.

And although the website seems to be new, it has a lot of potential (and lots of lovely poems and stories already). It's definitely worth a look. What's more, there is a photo and video section, too, for those naughty people out there (or shall I say, for us all?) I'm sure that the site's owner is open to a few suggestions, too. And that's what I love most about new communities, that they are being formed by their members (aka, the readers and writers). Wouldn't you agree?

What you will find:




Your next favorite erotica author





There is a special, dedicated section for members of the site, where they can promote their own blogs (I assume as long as they are in the erotica genre, but if in doubt, have a look). As I said, lots of potential, and you will definitely find me there (whether that's a bonus or not, I will let you decide, haha ;) )

3. Scerina Elizabeth's Paranormal Romance Library

Book reviews and book discussions on a silver platter. I mean, seriously? I'm so glad I found this, and I think all erotica authors can be grateful (not to mention erotica readers, as hopefully they -you, us- won't have to go through thousands of stories to find the one we are looking for. Again, this is a new site, but I just can't wait to see how it develops over the coming months. The idea behind it is fabulous, and so is the design. I can see it being the ultimate go-to for both readers and writers. You know as much as I do how difficult it is to get genuine reviews. Let alone if you write steamy erotica. Oh, if it has a paranormal feel to it, it's a tad bit easier, but still it isn't a girl's dream. Scerina Elizabeth's Paranormal Library has Ava Frost's "Hell Fire: Dragon Shifter Romance" as its first discussion. Oh, boy! Considering my newly-found interest in dragon shifters, I will be checking it out soon. Need more sites like this, seriously.

What you will find:

Book Reviews

Book Discussions

Groups & Clubs

Links to other awesome erotica sites


Yes, you can see other members' blogs, too. This feature is in beta just yet, but I'm sure soon you will be able to find your next favorite erotica author this way. I already have!

3+1. Nocturnia

The cherry on top ;) This site is also new, and it started with one story, but don't let that foul you. Again, just like the others, it has great potential. We all have to start somewhere, right? J. K. Rowling was in a dire state before she became an international bestseller, not to mention that Stephen King's Carrie was rejected many times by publishers (and nearly ended up in the bin) before it took his career in a whole new direction. Oh, and then there is Fifty Shades of Grey, of course. How could I have forgotten?

Once every bestseller was 'just a new voice'. Personally I think that new voices need to be heard, especially if they are any good. What would have happened, if Stephen King gave up after all the rejection? Or if Harry Potter was kept all a secret? Or if E. L. James chickened out before handing her friends a copy of Fifty Shades?

But of course, writing erotica isn't about the fame and glory, no. More about the morning glory, haha, and the feeling we get when our readers 'ah' and 'aw' and 'wow' while reading our work. Especially if it is any good. And trust me, the author of Nocturnia knows how to create something really good. I mean, really good. She has a unique style of writing, one that captures your very soul. Oh, and it's hot and sexy and goosebump-evoking. Just like any paranormal romance slash erotica should be.

What you will find:

A free erotic story (with hopefully more to follow)

Groups & Clubs

Discussion Forums

Photos & Videos

Chat Rooms

Links to other awesome erotica sites


You get to read the first chapters for free. AND you get to comment, so that the author will keep up the good work. Remember, even Stephen King needed encouragement. And so do all of us, because we are but humans, after all.

Now You Might Ask...

Why haven't I included Literotica, one of the biggest online erotica communities in this list? Well, for several reasons. Partly because I'm not a huge fan of the way they showcase stories (i.e. if I'm reading erotica, doesn't mean that I want to watch porn at the same time), and partly because it is so well-known. I might cover topics like famous and popular erotica sites later, but for now I wanted to show you some hidden gems. Hope you enjoyed this post, and even more importantly, hope you find a thing or two you will enjoy on either one of the mentioned sites. Just don't blame me ten hours later for the time you spent drooling over handsome villains and sexy heroines ;)

As always, your feedback is much appreciated. If you found this tiny taste of a list helpful, please feel free to share with your social circles. Who knows, maybe you find a person or two you can share your passion for erotica with. Just saying. Take care till next time, and try not to be too excited about my audiobook, okay? I'm trying not to be myself, and you see, at least I managed to distract both of us for a little while. Now back to reality (and some nail-biting).


Timea x

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