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If you love paranormal romance, then there is a good chance you heard of the new phenomenon running under the collective name 'shifter romance'. You might even have read one (or a few hundred). Well, let me just say that I haven't, so I'm no expert on the matter. In fact, up until a few weeks ago, I couldn't have imagined what readers enjoyed so much about these stories. I mean, seriously? A man being able to turn into a panther or a bear? That's so not cool or sexy, right?

So, I stuck up my nose, deciding not to go with the crowd. You know me, I won't read something just because everyone else does. That's not good enough a reason to me. Why? Because I like something that's different, something that makes me think outside of the box. And true, shifter romances are anything but normal or regular, still, I just couldn't relate. I'm sure you know the feeling, when you are supposed to drool over something just because everyone else does the same, but you would rather kiss your worst enemy than do that?

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey, everyone wants to read about sex, erotica and mainly bdsm. And, ever since Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, everyone wants shifters. It started with werewolves and vampires (I think), but now you can read about anything.

Oh, Wait...

Actually, thinking about it, I do love both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. And they did start out as books, didn't they? Just like Fifty Shades of Grey did. Hmm, I might be onto something there. So, digging a little deeper, I realized that I'm no different than anyone else, who is into the panty-melting bad guys. I have a dark side, too, one that's lurking beneath the surface, ready to come out. But why are shifters so popular? Could it be, that because they are so dangerous? Or because the common phrase 'sexy as hell' fits them perfectly?

I mean, why would you need to choose between a badass monster and a badass hero (or heroine)? Can't they both win? What if you could turn into a powerful creature on a whim, could control others' minds and be let's say invincible? Oh, so it came at a price? What doesn't? And let's face it, the epic fight between good and evil is present in nearly every book (and has been so since the beginning of time). And when someone isn't only battling outside forces, but their demons within, now that adds an extra bit of spice to the story. Hmm, especially if there is some hot, kinky sex involved (which is involved most of the time - just saying).

The Darkness Within

Maybe, by reading these stories about inner darkness surfacing (and the hero trying to push it back) reassures us that we aren't the only ones with sinful desires. These shifter stories usually contain a heroine who accepts the beast for who he really is: a wounded soul trying to control his inner demons. Isn't that sweet? And isn't it what life should be about?

In a way, these stories can teach us a lot of things. And as I said, I'm nowhere near an expert, but on second thought, I do think that they have a deeper meaning. They aren't about the mouth-watering characters, or the powerful forces at play. Not even the sizzling hot sex scenes. Okay, maybe a little. Fine, a lot, but still, there is more to these stories. They seem supernatural, but they aren't really. They are very real. And although they might not manifest fully in real life, the message is clear: when was the last time we accepted each other for who we truly were? And yes, that includes our faults and mistakes, too.

The Real Fun Begins

You might say at this point that it's all very nice, but where is the real fun? And you are right. So here's the deal: because I love anything supernatural (and hot, kinky sex), I'm going to start creating stories about hot, kinky, supernatural sex - soon. In fact, sooner than that. I already have a story in the making, one that's sexy as hell. Oh, yes, I did become inspired by half-demons, although my story will take it up a notch. How about the Ruler of the Underworld seeking a sexual encounter with a gorgeous woman? Well, not going to tell you too much about this one yet (nor about the one I'm writing on dragon shifters).

Ah, yes, dragons, the ultimate point of this blog post. Dragons, they are exquisite creatures, ones I adore for some mystical reason. And they are also the ones that made me consider this widely popular genre. Maybe the calling was there all along, I just didn't listen. I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it. I guess I just needed to find a species that's close to my heart. Bears and pandas are still not my thing, nor are panthers or werewolves. But dragons, on the other hand...

Oh, Yes, Dragons!

I think ever since I was a child and watched Disney's Sleeping Beauty, I was screaming in ecstasy, pointing at the mighty dragon, telling my mum I wanted one of those. She just smiled and shook her head, then I got a plush animal - and of course, it turned out that the dragon died in the cartoon, being the evil villain n all. Now I must say that my plush did not look like a real dragon. Not at all. I did grow up though, but never forgot my obsession. And then a few years later, voila, there came a lot of dragon movies, much to my delight. And then Game of Thrones, and I 'learned' that you could have your very own dragon. All you needed to be, well.. The Queen of the Dragons. But what if that wasn't the only way?

Hmm, this made me thinking. I put two and two together, did the math and came up with the solution. If I want my perfect dragon, I have to create it. And, as it stands, I don't have to choose between a sinfully hot guy (with probably shoulder-length hair and piercing blue eyes) and a real dragon, thanks to this new trend. Because he can be both. A dragon shifter. Sounds like paradise, right? I think so too. So, this sealed the deal for me, and I'm off to work on him for a little while. Or a lot. Or for eternity. Yeah, that sounds even better. But don't worry, I'm not selfish. I will share him with you. Soon...


So, all in all, shifters are dangerous, dark, corrupted and hot. They reflect our inner darkness, something that everyone tries to hide deep inside. These stories are about ultimate trust and sacrifice, and the search for one's true identity and purpose in life (or in the afterlife). Taming the beast has never been more true. No wonder Beauty and the Beast got reproduced as well (and became such a huge success).

As I said, I didn't think these were my cup of tea, until I really looked into what they are all about. I'm still no expert, but once I'm passionate about something, I won't let it go (not sure whether that's a good thing or not, haha). But anyway, dragons are my shifters, and I will certainly be experimenting with them for a while. After all, who said that the paranormal can't be infused with hot, kinky sex?

But anyway, that's me. What is your favorite shifter type and why?


Timea x

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