A Book I Couldn't Put Down

That Feeling...

Do you know that feeling, when you start reading a book, one that has a lot of potential, and end up gulping it down in one go, just like you would a nice and refreshing drink? Once you got your paws on it, there is no stopping you, not anymore. A bomb can explode, and you couldn't care less. You just keep reading, and reading and reading... The characters draw you in, and the plot doesn't let you go, even long after you finish reading them.

Books like that are very rare though, and you never know which one will turn out to be your new Bible, your go-to story, your safe haven. Some start in a very alluring way, and end up being the same as all the others. I know people say that you shouldn't judge (and choose) a book by it's cover, but I tend to avoid those that are twelve a dozen. If you think about it, when was the last time you read an erotic story that didn't have a half-naked man or woman (or both, or two men or two women, etc) on the front cover? They were either making out, or the woman's leg was lifted up halfway, oh, and of course you saw her cleavage alright and his six-pack. Sure, these things are sexy, and can make your decision easier. But what happens when all of them look the same?

Even your favorite chocolate gets boring after some time, doesn't it? I must admit, I give in to temptation sometimes, but honestly, when I'm looking for a quality read, I tend to avoid the six-pack-abs and gorgeous redheads. There is something sexy and alluring in those covers, true, but also something that shouts 'boring' and 'yet another cliche'. I might be wrong, of course, and as people tend to buy these, no matter how many times they saw the same picture on other covers, I do use them myself - with a little twist. But I will talk about that in a later post.

A Book I Couldn't Put Down...

Where was I? Apologies, I tend to get distracted (as you are probably aware by now). As I said, different covers and books are very rare. But then when you find one, it makes all the others fade away, and the wait proves to be worth it. The past few weeks I stumbled upon many mediocre stories unfortunately, and then finally came across a real gem. I will tell you about the ones that didn't make their way into my heart and didn't leave their mark on my soul in another post. I want to dedicate this one to the amazing (and sizzling hot) story I stumbled upon a few days ago.

The cover does show a woman (but she isn't naked!), but it also shows a haunted house. I also love the colors, and the promise it holds (caution, mysterious and dangerous). And boy, did it live up to that expectation? Oh, hell yeah. Did I just say hell? Hmm. Keep reading, you might find that part funny in a bit...

I'm not sure whether you read anything from J.L. Weil yet, but if not, and you are into Paranormal Romance with a little (well, a lot) of sexual tension, then I can highly recommend her. She has a lovely style, one that will keep you on your toes (or on the edge of your seat). And yes, those knickers won't stay dry, that's for sure. A side-note for my male readers: the female protagonist is a kick-ass character, one who plays video games - and yet I wouldn't call her a nerd (I could totally relate, because I had (have?) my fair share of fantasy games myself.

The book I found was Saving Angel, which is the first part in the Divisa series. Although I didn't realize that time that it was written for a younger audience (which I'm probably too old for, but what the heck?), I was utterly surprised and shocked at the way she played with words. And it doesn't mean that it lacks sexual content, on the contrary! Oh, my, just how many sparks can one book include, especially when there is no actual sexual intercourse in it? Well, a lot, trust me.

The protagonist's reactions are priceless, and the characters are sinfully hot! It's a delicious book really, one that I kept drooling over (no kidding). One minute I was laughing loudly (very loudly, in fact, I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy), then the next I was drooling over the male specimen the Author called Chase. A half-demon, half-human phenomenon, who is of course there to protect Angel, the protagonist - at all cost. Except, she doesn't want his help, thus creating a palpable tension between them. She has a lot to figure out, and at the very beginning we get to have a look into her troubled past. They are but two broken souls finding their way into each other's arms (and bed, I hope, at least in book 2).

I love it when someone comes out with a witty title and names, and I especially liked the angel-demon contrast. It was also different from all the vampire novels you can read nowadays (not that I have a problem with those, either). But I don't want to ruin the fun for you, so I probably shouldn't say too much, only that I read it in a few hours (ignoring my other duties in the process, I must admit). And although there is no actual sex in the first part, the promise is there. Oh, God, is it...

Basically the whole book is about sexual tension. One minute they jump each others bones, then next they go back to hating each other's guts. Both are insecure, and can't believe that they are worthy of love. And yet they are both so lovable! There is just something about love-hate relationships that makes you roll your eyes, doesn't it? But at the same time it also makes you root for the characters.

Well, off I go now to root for Chase and Angel, and hopefully I will be reading about some hot, kinky sex soon (can I like right now, please?). If not, I might just have to write my own fan-fiction, haha. Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourselves, and you will see what I'm talking about ;)

You can get the story here. Enjoy!

The Blurb...

I wondered what my life would be like if we had never moved to the ho-dunk town of Spring Valley, Illinois. Sure the internet service was splotchy, there was nothing but miles of wheat fields, and I probably wouldn’t be faced with death at every corner. My only neighbor in this god forsaken town was…well there really was only one to describe him, hot as hell. With his sinful dark looks, unusually silver eyes, and kissable lips, there was something about him that was more than meets the eye. Of course I was determined to find out. Chase Winters might be drool-worthy, but he was also insufferable, arrogant and…in short a d-bag. Our relationship was anything but love at first sight. Not even close. There was something weird about the family living next door. What I hadn’t expected to find was an underworld of trouble. Chase and his cousins Lexi and Travis are Divisa, half-demon, half-human. Getting them angry was hardly in my best interest, not if I wanted to live. As it turned out, that might be the least of my problems. I’ve been tagged by hell. Now every ugly, nasty being from hades was on my trail. I have suddenly became a magnet for demon disaster, and the only way I am getting out of this alive was by putting my life in the demon spawn’s hands. One wrong decision and my butt was toast.

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