How To Get Naughty With A Dishy Plumber?

The Concept

Okay, so you see the theme so many times in certain x-rated movies (i.e. porn), that it can easily be called a cliché. What else could a plumber (or any other engineer, e.g. electrician, handyman etc) do, other than fix your house? Well, fix you up with something tasty and pleasurable, of course. At least according to directors, that is (and writers, but I will get to that shortly).

Not entirely sure what triggered the original concept, but movies certainly make this kind of thing sound like what every desperate housewife would die to experience. You are all alone, your hubby has gone to work, and you are waiting for the plumber patiently, pulling on your little negligée timidly (the one that of course only covers the upper part of your shapely thigh - at most).

The man arrives on time, takes out his equipment (no, not that one just yet) and begins to work, lying on the floor. Quite conveniently, he asks for a cup of coffee, so you have an excuse to linger there for a tad bit longer than otherwise would be necessary. A little bit of stretching here, a loose button there, and voila, your delicate body is exposed in front of the dishy (and hunk, obviously - duh) worker, and the two of you end up having hot, kinky sex on the kitchen floor. No questions asked, because it is obvious for him that you are desperate for hot, kinky sex - and it is no doubt that he can't wait, either, judging by the growing bulge in his pants. He has a husky voice, by the way, and all he ever wanted was to place his filthy paws on your bum. A perfect way to get down and dirty, you say?

Well, I didn't think so at first, until the moment I found a way to make it into a story that didn't sound that cliché to me. I took an example (a very personal example) from reality and built on that instead. Because, what actually happens is most probably the following scenario: you book the engineer, and you wait patiently, while your husband snores loudly beside you, having come home from a long shift at work and just taking an afternoon nap. And then, after a few hours you begin to lose that patience and you debate whether you should call to check on the guy. And then when you do, there is no answer. Has he forgotten? Or is it your fault, having booked him for another day and you just don't remember? Then you call again, a bit more agitated than you were two minutes before. Why isn't he picking up? And then he finally does, he does so just to tell you he will be another two hours late. Sounds familiar?

Thought so. Of course, not all of them are like that, but it happened to me enough times (well, not the snoring hubby part, but the excruciating wait per se) to give me the basic idea for the story. Because there are so many ways you can pass that time (oh, why haven't this occurred to me before?) . And in my story, Seducing The Plumber 1: Sweet Time Waiting, I play with one of those ways (pun intended).

A little taste, so that you can see what I' talking about (and if you haven't guessed already, the story gets exciting way before the plumber arrives).

Sweet Time Waiting...

A desperate housewife's journey from being desperate for hot, kinky sex, to actually getting it - from the plumber. But a lot can happen before that can happen - both to her, and to the plumber. She finds out that waiting an extra hour or two isn't such a bad idea. Especially because she has an item or two she can use to entertain herself, taking her sweet time waiting (and masturbating)...

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“I will be another two hours. I hope that’s okay?” No apologies, just that. Two more hours. What the fuck am I supposed to say to that? Even if I object, he won’t come sooner, so what’s the point? I let out an exasperated (and somewhat furious) sigh, so that the person on the other end of the line can’t tell how frustrated I am. “Sure, no problem. Just buzz me up when you are here.” “Sure thing. See you then.” I hang up, slamming the receiver down a tad bit louder than I intended to. Two more hours? Seriously? And he didn’t even apologize for wasting my time. I glance over at my husband, who is sleeping peacefully in our bed. That’s just great, I can’t even nudge him to help me have some fun. Not that sex would be the first thing on my mind while waiting for the plumber, but it’s not like I have anything better to do anyway. He was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago, and I had taken the day off just so the guy could fix the leakage in our bathroom. Eddie, my husband works nights, while sleeping during the day, so it was obvious what I had to do. Having to listen to him snoring all day is bad enough, and now this. I was hoping that at least I could go out on a nice walk. But now I’m stuck for another two hours. Angry and frustrated, I go into the bathroom and look at the damage. Okay, it isn’t that serious, but it needs to be fixed. And besides, I have better things to do than… Better things? Like what exactly? I am turning forty next month, and I have been married for ten years now. Is it really these two hours that bug me? Or am I devastated because I feel like I wasted the past ten years of my life?

You can get a kindle / paperback copy here.

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There's More...

I must admit, I did leave the naughty bits out of this sample, but trust me, the entire story does not lack hot, kinky em... Well, let's just say that she doesn't go and read a book and watch a story, but has fun exploring her own sexuality (and body) in the bathroom instead, while forgetting completely that she is supposed to be desperate. Oh, and also forgetting about her hubby, who is snoring next door... Not to mention the part when she finds a quite unconventional toy she enjoys (maybe more than she ever enjoyed anything else).

Some of my readers said they would have to go to the grocery store upon reading this little piece (to get hold of some supplies). And I smiled proudly at that, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. That's that. If you want to know just what she (and probably some of my readers) used, check the story out, I don't want to include more spoilers ;)

Oh, and I'm planning further parts. In fact, the second part is coming out this week. Stay tuned to find out what (or rather who) kept our dishy plumber tied up (quite literally). The story continues, and this time it's still the ladies' turn to take over the rein and hop in the saddle.

I really liked this short erotic story myself, and the cover is one of my favorites. But then again, anytime I create something new, it becomes my favorite, then I realize (almost instantly) that I love them all equally. I heard many authors say that their stories / characters were like their own children to them, and I can't agree more. And just like a parent likes to know how their child did at school, on a competition, or anywhere else really, so do I appreciate any kind of feedback. Good or bad.

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