Why is 13 lucky for me?


Thirteen is a scary number, well, for those at least who believe in superstitions. For me, it has always been one of the luckiest digits (along with 8). Yep, picture me on Friday the 13th basking in all good luck there is, and some more. I usually get new assignments, meet amazing people and just automatically feel blessed. Why? I'm not exactly sure, but I know this much: on the thirteenth of each month, I wake up knowing that everything would be different. And in a good way. I simply tune in to all the positive stuff that could come my way, and attract it.

Therefore, it is only natural that my 13th blog post should be about this number (being at least half Paranormal Romance Author, after all). And the number 13 certainly appears in everything supernatural. I guess only time will tell whether my luck worked this time as well. Oh well, if it didn't, I will have to use some magic on the nearest Friday the 13th. Just kidding (sort of). I do believe though that our thoughts and wishes create the most powerful magic in this world. Think about it, those who dream big most of the times end up changing the whole world, and our perception about things.

The Curse...

And still, more and more people are scared of the number thirteen. Why? Have we forgotten, that once it was a true blessing? That there were 13 apostles present during the Last Dinner? But even if someone isn't religious, when things seem bad, they might just be blessings in disguise. Nothing has a meaning on its own, unless we associate it with something. Good or bad. And, sadly for poor 13, people tend to correlate it to something negative, or occasionally evil.

Some claim that if your name has 13 letters in it, you are cursed. Yeah, I rushed off and counted mine, too, don't worry. Hmm, my luck might come from the fact that mine has only 10 letters... Anyway, the point is that whatever people believe, a lot of them cringe when they hear this number. Even if they aren't superstitious, they still feel something is different that day. But how did we jump from it being a Biblical number to becoming the number of pure evil?

Traditionally, thirteen witches formed a coven, and several fateful events (and often tragic ones) started on Friday the 13th. And, although witches aren't evil (unless they use very nasty black magic), the idea itself has manifested in many stories, further mystifying the meaning behind this number and what it stands for. Think about the law of attraction (and also the power in numbers). Whatever people think about becomes true, and the more people think the same thing, the more effective that manifestation will be, and the quicker it will manifest. So, it isn't that difficult to change the entire meaning of a number (like it happened in the case of 13) even overnight. (I am currently reading The Secret, and I couldn't agree more with its teachings.)

Positive Thinking...

But anyway, whenever someone tells me they are scared of a black cat or the number 13, I tell them something I read many years ago. It goes like this: "If you think you can do it, you are right. If you think you can't, you are right". Now, I tend to interpret this in terms of the number itself: "If you think it has a hold over you, you are right. If you think it doesn't, you are right." So, it all comes back to the way we think about it, right?

I'm not saying that superstition and bad luck aren't real. They do exist, very much so. And I'm not an expert, far from it, trust me. I'm not sure whether what works for me would work for you, too. All I know is this: believing that 13 was my lucky number has worked for me for years. Maybe this is another type of superstition, I wouldn't be able to tell. But I know that I couldn't be happier that I got to my thirteenth post, and I also know that I remembered to 'remember' the number itself for a reason. I made it special by making it special. You see, even I'm giving it my full attention right now, further enhancing its power. Although, this time, the pure, unbiased magic that's behind it all: I'm tapping into the magic of associating it with a positive, lucky meaning, thus shaping my own reality to my liking. It is fun, I have to give it that!


The next thing on my list is to get a black cat. Oh, I almost forgot... I did have one, for 8 years, to be exact. You see? Eight and thirteen, hmm. But anyway, that will be another story. For now, I will leave you to decide what you make out of my 'lucky 13'. I would also love to hear your opinion. Do you get up feeling nervous on the 13th day of every month? Or do you have an inexplicable feeling of excitement whenever the Sun rises on that particular morning? Or does it have no effect on you, whatsoever? And what is your favorite story that involves the number 13 (or any other superstition)?

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my post and I hope you have a lovely time, whatever you plan to do next :)


Timea x

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