My first Author Interview

The Prelude...

The New Year didn't only bring with it a sense of urgency for me. It also brought change, and lots of it. I guess I can already say that this year is going to be full of 'firsts' for me. My first erotica contest, the completion of my first paranormal romance series, my first attempts at experimenting with different sub-genres within erotica... And my promise to post a new story every week. But, going back a bit in time, this year is also host to something incredible: my first author interview.

When I started to post erotica stories, I used my long-forgotten pen name, 'Sorseress'. I thought that if I created these naughty bits under a fictitious name, they would be less about me, and more about the stories themselves. I thought that I could stay 'clear', and wouldn't have to admit how much I actually enjoyed penning sexy tales. But I was wrong. I felt a sense of pride, whenever someone read any of my stories, and the more I wrote, the more confident I became. I simply new that I wanted people to know who I was. Gosh, I wanted the whole world to know. I just didn't know how to climb out of the predicament I forced myself in.

The Request...

So, as you can imagine, I couldn't have been more excited, when the request came from Noveltrove, a website that is home to quality erotic stories (and where later I entered my first erotic story contest). Some of my stories can be found there for free, and by that time I had plenty of readers, people who were interested in what I had to say. I was like 'really?! they want to know what I think about stuff?' It was exhilarating, I can tell you that much. With trembling hands and an eagerness that was new to me, I jumped at the questions with lightning speed. I think I answered it all in less than 30 minutes, and then sat in front of my laptop for twice that much, biting my nail until it was published. And then I waited some more, biting my nails again, while waiting for my first comment on it.

The Thrill...

I didn't have to wait for long, and the feeling was intoxicating. I never wanted the 'fame and spotlight' to end. I guess I was drunk on my 'success'. Well, at least to me, that's what it was. And not just because people cared, but also because finally I did. I think that was the first time I actually thought it all through, and voiced my real opinion - not only to my readers, but to myself, too. I guess I can thank that interview for a lot of things, but most of all for helping me be honest with myself. I now know what I want, and who I really am. So, thank you, Noveltrove, you really made my day back in January (and I guess my whole year altogether).

The Interview...

And even ever since then, when I get a notification that someone has commented on my interview, my heart skips a beat. For us, writers, there is nothing more pleasurable than knowing that our readers care (about our stories, and about us, who created them). Oh, I nearly forgot: those who wanted to have a look and see who's behind the 'curtain', or in other words, what my opinion on writing erotica is, then feel free to have a look here:

My first Author's Interview

The whole thing inspired me to come forth, and I think it was two weeks after the interview that I started to publish the stories under my real name on Amazon. Watch this space, more hot stories are coming your way. As always, thank you for your support. I couldn't have done this without you all. Love, Timea (aka Sorseress) x

My first Author's Interview on Noveltrove

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