Kinky Fun With The Hot Hairdresser

The Idea...

Have you ever wondered what would happen, should your favorite hairdresser be replaced by a younger, sexier one? Would it be only your hair getting wet, or your knickers, too?

A simple, regular activity is behind the idea of Blue Highlights, one of my latest erotic stories. I must admit, at first I found it quite amusing. The protagonist walks into her favorite hair salon, just to find out that her regular hairdresser is off sick, with no prospect of returning anytime soon. But she is on a mission: she wants to get some blue highlights. Being a grey mouse, this could be the perfect opportunity for her to shine and try something new. Except she will get way more than what she bargained for, when the attractive substitute comes to the rescue. Will she chicken out, or is she going to get the hairstyle (and sex) of her life? Have a look to find out ;) Who knows, maybe next time your hairdresser will go missing, too... P.S: No, my hairdresser didn't quit, and I did not get blue highlights (but I was close, except for the sex part).

The Blurb

Here's the blurb:

What do you do, if one day you realize that all your life you have been afraid of even the slightest change? You have never been daring, and don't have any adventures to remember on cold winter nights. Time is running out, and you need to do something radical. Something nobody would expect from you. Something totally different from what your old self would do. Because you are a different person now. Nothing can be as it was before. But what happens when your plans are interrupted by Fate? Will you chicken out, or are you adamant to change your life for good? All it takes is a new haircut and a daring color. But is that really all? Amanda only wants to get a haircut and a daring color, but when she is taken care of by a hot hairdresser, well... Let's just say that not only her hair gets wet...

The Story

A tiny taste of the bite-sized erotica:

I can feel something cold pouring onto my scalp, making me jump. Philip chuckles, which makes me especially angry. But before I could voice my opinion, his strong fingers find their way into my hair, massaging my scalp gently, and I lose my train of thought. Oh, my, I never thought that washing your hair could be so erotic. I close my eyes, enjoying the way he attends to my hair, as if it was the most beautiful he has ever seen.

Oh, stop it, he is just doing his job. It`s not his fault that I haven`t had sex in months, neither is he responsible for his looks. His hand moves downwards, massaging right behind my ears, and a drop of water travels down my spine, sending shivers through my entire body. His hands continue their sweet torture, and then suddenly it`s gone. I want to moan, but thank God I remember in time that I`m in a hair salon, and that we aren`t having passionate sex. Gosh, I don`t even know this guy. And yet I`m having erotic thoughts about him, not to mention the fact that I`m going to leave him in charge of my hair. As if reading my thoughts, he asks suddenly, his voice a tad bit huskier than before:

“So, I heard that you wanted some highlights. Let me guess the color.”

What?! Is this some kind of game he plays with all of his clients? I try to nod, but doing so splashes a huge amount of water onto my shirt. Crap… He laughs at me again, making my blood boil. I try to forget the fact that not only my shirt became wet during this `incident`. His voice alone could make me cum, I`m sure of it, but I resist the urge. I`m not that desperate. And besides, I`m only here to have a haircut.


Brown? Seriously? What does he think of me? I have natural black hair, how could I have brown highlights in it? Nobody would even recognize it. Oh, so he thinks that I`m so predictable, that I would agree to get highlights, but nothing prominent, so I could still get away with it? I clear my throat, somehow more sure than ever that I want to do this.

“No. Actually, it`s going be blue. I want blue highlights.”

I feel proud of myself. I did it. Whether he actually colors my hair or not doesn`t matter. I just wish I could see the shock on his face, but that would mean another splash of water, and I don`t want that. I`m wet enough already. After a few moments of silence, he starts massaging my head again, but this time he seems to be distracted by something else, as his strokes are irregular and the motion is too slow.

“Blue it is then. I guess you are less predictable than I thought.”

Did he just insult me? It sure sounded like that, but there was also something else in his voice. But what exactly? Suddenly his fingers graze my neck, sending another shiver along my spine. I can`t believe this, is he doing it on purpose? He is clever, I must admit. His touch is so delicate, one could easily miss it. But not me. Not now, not when he has already turned me on so much. Okay, I might have been horny for a while now, but the way his fingers caress my skin don`t help, either. I want to show him just how unpredictable I can be. But maybe, I want to prove it to myself, too...

The Book

And here's where you can grab yourself a Kindle or Paperback copy (click on the pic):

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