Grab yourself a 'Special Cup of Coffee', for FREE

Although I'm not talking about an actual cup of hot, steaming caffeine, I can assure you that it is hot and steamy alright. 'A Special Cup of Coffee - Pain and Pleasure' is FREE to download for a limited time (only till the end of tomorrow, the 22nd of February).

So, if you haven't read this delicious short story yet, please relax, you still have time (although not much) to grab a Kindle copy. Ready? Not yet? How about a little sip to awaken your taste buds? (And probably other organs, too).

Caution: do not grab yourself a REAL cup of coffee while reading, because it can

a, get cold, thus you will waste the heavenly liquid

b, spill all over you (and not in the way it happens in the story - unless you are reading it with your partner, of course)

Scrap that, if you ARE reading it with a partner, then you definitely need to grab a real cup of coffee, too. Why? Keep reading to find out ;) As always, a like, share, and your opinion is much appreciated. If you feel like you want to review the bite-sized book, I will also be ever so grateful (but of course, it isn't an obligation).

Thank you ever so much, and enjoy the read (and the coffee).

Here is the blurb:

"A shy and painfully single woman's attempt at getting laid at a bar. The night holds a few surprises! She agrees to a `special cup of coffee` with the hot bartender. But he never mentioned anything about the handcuffs and blindfold..."

Here is the little sip from the cup of pain and pleasure (lots of pleasure):

"`Don`t worry, this is a first for me, too...` Ah, is that supposed to comfort me? Very promising. I try to pull on the restraints, but he has tied me up tightly. My heart is pounding, and I can`t see a thing because of the blindfold. All I can do is wait helplessly until he figures out his next move, wondering how could I have gotten myself into this mess. A mere hour ago I was sitting at the bar, minding my own business, drinking heavily, as if there was no tomorrow. Right up to the moment when the bartender offered to make me a special cup of coffee. Which I`m still waiting for, by the way. Just saying. Okay, I wasn`t that naïve to think that we would actually be drinking coffee, cuddling on his couch, no. And as I said, I didn`t want that anyway. I wanted hot, steamy, and kinky sex. And although he hasn`t touched me yet, not in that way anyway, this whole situation is kinky alright. `Just try to relax and clear your mind…` He is really getting into this. Does he have a guidebook that he is citing from? I must admit that hearing his voice alone makes me shiver all over. It is sexy as hell, and I can already feel the previous dampness of my thong worsening by the minute. I wonder how long is he going to keep me suspended like this? It`s funny how you lose all of your senses when you can`t see. No kidding! Although I can hear his voice, but only when he allows me to, and I still can`t tell where it`s coming from. For all I know he could be standing in the doorway, ready to lock me in, leaving me to suffer for God knows how long. I sure as hell hope he isn`t planning to make that special cup of coffee right now. But judging by what he just said, I guess I need to do the opposite. In fact, my mind is the only thing that`s working perfectly well right now. And my survival instincts, of course. I begin to regret that I didn`t listen to my friends. I should have waited for this kind of kink until I knew the guy, let alone trusted him. Oh my God, I don`t even know his name! `You might feel a little bit cold. Try not to wiggle too much, okay?` Okay, I was wrong. All my nerves are on edge, and I want to scream from the ice-cold sensation that`s burning my left nipple right now. Little bit cold? Whatever he put on me makes me want to swear and scream, except I can`t. All I can give out is a tiny whimper through my gritted teeth. I want to tell him to stop, to let me go, feeling embarrassed and exposed all of a sudden. But as quickly as the thought forms in the back of my mind, it evaporates just as quickly when he takes my erect nipple into his mouth. His hot, wet tongue is a relief from the ice-cold sensation, and yet it feels a tad bit more painful, maybe because I am more sensitive than I ever was. He bites down gently, and I can feel the coldness on my right nipple, while he is stroking my left one with his tongue. I gasp, getting lost in the mixed sensations of hot and cold, pain and pleasure. But it doesn`t last long, and as much as I wanted him to stop at first, now I wish that he would continue the sweet torture. An involuntary moan leaves my lips, and he lets out a small chuckle. `Don`t worry, I have only just started...`"

And here is the link:

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