Picking Up A Sexy Stranger In Your Car

My Hitch-Hiking Valentine - Behind The Story...

Okay, let me preface this: no, I did not pick up a sinfully attractive stranger in my car and I did not have hot, kinky sex with him on Valentine`s Day (or any other day). Actually, I don`t even own a car. But it was Valentine`s Day. I got inspired. Not because I had hot, kinky sex, but rather because I did not. Yes, you read that right. Writing about something doesn`t mean that it happens to the author herself (sadly). I was bored, but more importantly I had a lot of time to think (and write). I was in the mood for some fun, but believe it or not, I find writing erotica equally fun and arousing as the act itself. Okay, sort of.

But anyway, I thought why not? I had this kinky idea for a reason (and not necessarily so I can pick up the next stranger while it`s pouring down with rain). I started to write it all down. I imagined that I was a frustrated, horny, naughty woman, who was about to go on a blind date. With a man she has never even seen. I would imagine that this scenario is pretty common, right? I guess we just never know if he will turn out to be a serial killer or Mr Right, right? Hmm, that gave me another idea. But that`s another story, for another day. Today is all about Mr Right.

Something Special For Valentine's Day

Basically, I wanted to create something for all of those who celebrate Valentine`s Day (or any other day) on their own. I want them (you) to know that you have all the power you need to turn things around (if you want to, that is). Sometimes all you need is a good book and a glass of vine (or a box of chocolates, or a box of tissues, depending on your mood). Regardless of your circumstances, it is very important for you to know that you are special and amazing. And I don`t want to sound like a relationship coach or some guru who knows everything about everything - I don`t. I am just human, and I have good days, bad days, horny days, awful days, and then those that simply suck and when I want to climb back under the covers (or under my books` covers).

No matter how you feel, rest assured that there are others out there, who feel the same. Exactly at the same time. I might be one of them. And maybe, just maybe, one of my stories can make you feel like you aren`t alone anymore. Miracles can happen, and not just in stories. Even if you let Fate take over and form the rest of that day, making it special. Okay, the original idea was V day, but then again, every day is special. It doesn`t have to rain, nor do you need to be a top model to embark on a new adventure.

Inhibitions and A Sexy Hitch-Hiker

Just like in any other story of mine, there are inhibitions that need to be destroyed, and the protagonist isn`t happy with her life (or herself). But by making her see herself through a man`s eyes (a man`s, who would do anything for her) can change everything. Sometimes all it takes is a few words, or a smile, or some hot, kinky sex. Or a stranger to ask for a ride, in the middle of nowhere, on Valentine`s Day. You can`t refuse him, can you? And when he tells you how sexy you are, you need to believe him. He wants you, and only you. If you think that 'My Hitch-Hiking Valentine' can convince you that you are special, then have a look. Or if you want to read about a fun, hot and kinky adventure (or if you are bored, or simply like my writing style in general).

The Blurb

A short erotic story in 4400 words. Contains adult content, so by continuing reading you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Thank you! What do you do when you find yourself alone on Valentine`s Day? You find yourself a blind date. But before you could even get to the agreed meeting point, a whole new adventure starts with a stranger who asks for a ride. How could you possibly leave someone outside in the pouring rain? It`s Valentine`s Day, after all. And besides, what happens in the car stays in the car, right?

The Story (A Delicious Taste)

“Oh, for God`s sake, move it already, would you?!” I realize it a minute too late that I`m shouting in vain. Firstly, because I`m in my car and the windows are all pulled up tightly, so that they can prevent the rain from pouring in, and there is no way that idiot in the fast lane could have heard me. Okay, I know that it`s called the fast lane for a reason, but still he shouldn`t drive like a lunatic. Not when you can`t see sod all. Secondly, it isn`t his fault that I`m late. And maybe most importantly it isn`t his fault that it is Valentine`s Day and that I`m still single. Well, if I don`t count my hook-up with Alan, but that surely doesn`t count, especially considering that tonight I`m on another blind date. This proves as well that so far, they haven`t worked for me. True, I got many one-night stands, but I would prefer something more substantial this time. It wasn`t my fault that Alan forgot to mention that he was married, and it quite conveniently popped into his mind only after he fucked me. Oh, well. Seeing all the boutiques fill with hopeless romantics didn`t help my mood either. Somehow I always dread this day, long before it`s due. It`s all about spending money you don`t have, on stupid things your alleged loved one won`t need. Or maybe they will just throw it in a pile with the rest they get from their other admirers. Because that`s the kind of world we live in today. But you still can`t celebrate Valentine`s Day with a fling, can you? There needs to be passion, a secret longing to see that person. There needs to be a spark, even if it won`t last. Or at least that`s what it should be about. I don`t even know why I still bother, to be totally honest. I let out a sigh, slowing down at the next crossroads as the lights turn red. I think I have always expected too much from this single day. Single? Seriously? But anyway, it`s not like I`m freaking Cinderella and I could bump into my prince charming any minute. I mean, this is real life and not a fairy tale. I have to get a grip, and I need to do it now. V day or not, whoever is waiting for me at the hotel`s restaurant will have to do. He did insist to meet me specially tonight, and although I don`t normally fall for a guy based on his profile on dating sites, but he certainly has a boyish charm. Not to mention his exquisite taste when it comes to surprises. He only texted me the address today, requesting that I wear a silk red dress and red heels. Okay, so he might be a pervert, but I decided to go along with the plan anyway. We won`t be in the middle of nowhere, and the hotel is very expensive. So surely he has manners, right? He is trying to impress, which is a surprise in itself, as most guys just want to get into my panties as quickly as they spot me enter the room. As if seeing them should be enough to make me all hot and bothered. Maybe I should take it as a compliment, because I`m sure that`s how they see it. They would say that I turn them on so much that they just can`t control themselves. Please, give me a break, they say that to every girl they want to fuck. It`s all about tactics. And I know that this mystery guy might be no different, but I`m not about to give up now. This Valentine`s Day is going to be different from the rest. One way or another...


I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and remember, it`s all about your pleasure and your dreams. You are special, don`t ever forget that!


Timea x

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