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New Year`s Eve has come and gone. In fact, it is already the middle of February. Some of you might say that it is early on in the year, but then those same people will be shocked a few days later, realizing that it`s already the 31st of December. Okay, this might be a far fetch, but I certainly looked at the calendar several days this week, wondering where has the time disappeared to? The year only just started, I still remember writing that particular list… But it isn`t just about the bucket lists, no. Days, weeks, months, even years go by without us noticing it. When we look back, we sigh and swoon, remembering all the good times, wondering about the ‘what ifs’. It is very likely that we create a bucket list on (or just before) New Year`s Eve, hoping – no, promising to ourselves that this year is going to be different. And then, exactly one year later we duplicate the process, probably with the same success. Do you still have the same things written down as those you did ten years ago? Or you didn`t even bother this year?

I recently read a funny post that went something like this: “My goal for this year is to lose 10kg. I only have 15 to go.” It isn`t that funny if you think about the opportunities we miss. Bucket lists have existed since people started to make promises to themselves. But it is very unlikely that those promises get fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, on the contrary! However, dreams are nothing without action. And even those who are so ready to act upon those promises end up realizing just before Christmas that out of the 100 items, there are still 89 outstanding and only a few days to go. They are then facing a new dilemma: how the hell are they going to squeeze in 89 activities until the new list is due? On the other hand, it also means that they ticked off 11 items. It only depends on the way you look at it, and how often you add to the list, I guess.

For me, bucket lists gained a new meaning this year. Why? Because the list I made inspired me to create one of my erotic short stories (no kidding!), “The Bucket List”, and its second part, “Bucket List 2 – Damsel in Distress”. I`m not saying that there are any naughty bits on my original list (but I`m also not saying that there aren`t). You might remember that last time I was telling you about my reasons for starting to write erotica. Well, I sure have come a long way since then. I now have three short stories published on Amazon, another 20 on Noveltrove, with the next few in line. I made the whole thing “official”, so to speak, which kind of puts me in a “difficult” situation.

One idea followed another, and having a few stories in my pocket, I decided to publish a short story every week. And what`s difficult about it? Nothing so far. I love what I do, and when people read my stories, I couldn`t be happier. It`s an interesting, uplifting and exciting experience, one that I wouldn`t swap for anything. But here comes the tricky part: once you make your plans public, you show a sense of urgency and dedication. It isn`t only about you anymore. You made a promise to your readers, too, so if you don`t deliver, you let them down.

In a way, this is also an insurance policy, if you like. Just think about it: by making sure others are aware of your list, you know that they will remember what you promised, maybe even remind you from time to time when you forgot to tick the next item off. And believe me, I have plenty of people nudging me, so I have my motivation to continue.

So, please stay tuned, and have a look at my expanded Author Profile on Amazon to find out a little bit more. The long-awaited fourth book in the series ‘Her First and Last Secret Admirer’ is coming in MAY 2017, and a new short story will be added to the repertoire every week till then, just to make the wait worth your while. As always, your feedback is welcomed. I would love to know what you think, either about this post, my books or short stories or my writing style (or anything else, really). My stories are all about YOU, so I aim to make sure you have the best experience possible while enjoying my work. I hope to inspire and reach more people, so a like / comment / share would also be appreciated. Thank you, as always.



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