How Did I Start Writing Erotica?

Where Things Went Wrong...

Up until recently I was convinced that the process is simple: you either already have a flare for this particular genre, or you start with romance and then start experimenting. Although I would have never thought that my path would lead me to the discovery, that me, too, would once write anything saucier than my existing novels. And alas, Fate took its turn, gently pushing me into a direction I wasn't sure I wanted to take.

About a year ago I lost my job, which made me realize that now at least I would have plenty of time to write. What could go wrong? But of course, things weren't as easy as I first thought. Most of my time was consumed by job search, so indeed there was very few hours left for me to give in to my passion. Furthermore, I was exhausted by the end of the day, feeling rejected, unwanted even. You could think that this would have been the moment when I thought "OK, I`m not getting any satisfaction elsewhere, so let's write erotica." Yeah, some people might do that, but I wasn`t there yet. Although an idea started to form in my mind. What if I could find a way to utilize my writing skills, offering short stories to people?

A Tough Choice - But Was It, Really?

It seemed like a brilliant idea, and it didn`t take long for me to find a website where I could advertise my "services". Of course I couldn`t be too picky, and I was never sure what the next assignment would be. I was praying for it to work, and it did. Soon the orders started coming in, and only after two days I was facing my biggest dilemma: to write or not to write erotica. I was approached by a company, who wanted me to create a short erotic story for them, which would then appear on their website under a pseudo name. And although I was a bit reluctant at first, deep down I knew that I wanted to try it out. What could I possibly lose, right?

And I must admit, I enjoyed it. Very much so. And I found out a lot of things about myself. One assignment followed another, and I started to realize that I wanted to create my own erotic stories, too. Slowly, but surely I opened up, moving on to other genres as well. Now I can proudly say, that my fourth book is on its way, along with a few others. I have tried horror, thriller, mystery, crime and even children` s stories since then. And of course some more romance and erotica. I soon realized that it intrigues me, just as much as anything else does that`s related to writing.

The Happy Ending (Or Rather Kinky Beginning)

It became a passion, and those who read my stories know that I really take my characters seriously (well, except for those times, when I don`t). So, all in all, I guess everyone has to start somewhere, and I can only tell you my opinion about the topic, but I have to say that writing steamy, kinky (and occasionally very sinful) erotica made me grow up and embrace who I really am. Who wouldn't want to be a sex goddess, acting out their inner fantasies and desires?

True, not all of my stories reflect my own kinks. However, I do sometimes take my ideas from day-to-day activities. Just the other day, I had to wait two hours for the plumber, so I thought 'What if he was a cute guy, and I was to have some fun with him?' And the idea soon developed into a story. But I didn't stop there, imagining what could have kept him tied up for so long. Well, in the second part of the story it turns out that he was tied up alright. Both figuratively and literally.

Of course, nothing of the sort happened in reality (that I know of), and the guy wasn't hot (sadly). But hey, that's what erotic stories are for, right? They provide you a naughty (and occasionally kinky and dominating) experience, an escape from reality. And although all of the characters and events in my stories are pure fiction, it is always nice to step into the main character`s shoes for a little while. You see, I have come a long way, and I couldn't be happier for it.

The Promise

So, don't worry my lovely readers, I will keep bombarding you with steamy stories. I tend to surprise myself as well, because, as I mentioned earlier, I'm still figuring out what genres work for me and which ones don't (but I'm yet to find one of the latter).

Stay tuned, and I shall share some of those stories with you shortly, along with some thriller and crime. And don't forget to sign up to my newsletter for a chance to get one of my free signed paperbacks. As always, your feedback is much appreciated, so please feel free to like, share, comment.

Till next time,


Timea x

Okay, I will get back to writing now, instead of "talking" about it, so that I can keep my promise.

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