Paranormal Romance

Because sometimes dreams and reality collide...

Her First And Last

Secret Admirer

It all started with a dream.

Quite literally.

I have been dreaming about him for as long as I can remember.
Long before I actually met him.

Yep, creepy, right?

Sometimes the dreams control me, while other times I'm in charge.
But either way, he is all I ever wanted.

The problem?

The memories from another lifetime aren't real.

They can't be. He isn't mine, and never will be.

But he exists, alright. And when our paths meet, all hell breaks loose.
I start dreaming of a threat that ruined our life before - and could do it again.

Not to mention that I get a secret admirer I never asked for.

But, for some reason, I trust him. I trust both of them.

Only time will tell whether it's the best decision I ever made, or my biggest mistake.

At this point, I only know one thing.
Whatever is the truth, I have to find it fast.
Preferably before the past I never knew I had repeats itself.

I can't lose him again.

Especially because he isn't even mine to lose - yet.

So, why does it feel like he is?
And why do I believe my dreams of the past hold the key to our future?