You are here!

That means THREE things...

1: You are looking for a way to enjoy yourself
2: You want to help me
3: You are at least 18 years of age.

Well, the good news is that you are on the right page. And we are on the same page. Because I want to help you enjoy yourself. Gosh, that's why I write erotica in the first place. But I also understand that everyone is different. That makes life (and the smutty business) so exciting. Everyone has their own kink, and I understand that not all of you will find it in my stories. And that's okay!

And then there are those other times, when an erotica short story simply won't fit the bill. You need something more visual, something to help you release the tension. Maybe you are into virtual sex games. It could also be that you are in need of a partner, and are looking for an online date.

Maybe, just maybe, you want to play with yourself (and your toys), but you don't have many of those. Or you just want to surprise your loved one by buying her (or him) a sexy outfit or a seductive bra. Maybe some barely-there thongs?

Whichever the case, I decided to start this page and collect the best of all of the above. Whatever you are looking for, hopefully you will find it by clicking on one of the banners. If not, then tell me what you are into, and I will try to find the best for you.

Most of these brands are tested and work miracles. Sometimes free, sometimes for a small price. But most importantly, they are dedicated for your pleasure.

And why does this help me?

Because, if you purchase an item from any of these shops after clicking on these links, I will get a small incentive, which will help me with the costs of writing (e.g. coffee).


I do have a donation button as well, where you can contribute to my writing directly, but I just thought that you should receive something in return. And what could possible be better than a whole load of stuff related to sex?

Enjoy, and don't forget to let me know when you buy something, so that I can thank you personally.


Much Love,

Timea x

© 2020 Timea Tokes, London, UK

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