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The Good Neighbor (Lesbian, Bisexual Erotica)

Sarah has a naughty secret to tell. One that she shares with her hot neighbor.

There is only a tiny problem: he is married.

When he knocks on her door, Sarah has to face her inner demons.

What will she choose?

Staying alone, or having an unexpected threesome with her hot neighbor and a sexy stranger he brings along for the ride?

What she can't possible foresee is the fact that the wife has her own agenda, too.

One that involves all of them...

The Stranger

(Gay Erotica)

Adam Gamby is a private detective, who doesn't mix work and pleasure.


But he might need to make an exception when he meets a sexy stranger in a car park.

He might just be everything Adam wished for, except for one tiny detail: he might be involved in the case our detective is working on.

Will he be able to resist the charms of the mysterious man, and will he even want to?