BDSM Billionaire

Because everyone needs a bad boy billionaire to take care of their needs...

BDSM Billionaire

Watched (BDSM Billionaire, Book 1) By Timea Tokes
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Marked (BDSM Billionaire, Book 3) By Timea Tokes
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For the past year, I have been fantasizing about my billionaire boss. Little did I know that he was watching me all this time.

Meet Logan Wright: badass billionaire who always gets what he wants.

Except, I didn't think he wanted me.

I stumbled into his office, all wet and ready. He was arrogant and so far up his own backside that I didn't have a choice. I ran out, never to look back. A decision I regretted the minute I made it.

He chased me down and offered me a job.

Never anything more though.

What I couldn't stand when we first met, I'm craving now. I want him to dominate me, and I would do anything it takes to have him have his way with me. Enough is enough, and I'm finally ready to turn the heat up in the office.

It's just my luck that Logan chose the same day to make his next move, too, even though it's a bit different to what I had in mind.

Apparently, he has a dark side I never saw coming, and he will do things to me that make me blush to my core.

But will I back out? Hardly.

He might be a billionaire, and he might be my boss, but I am not his typical date.

I speak my mind and I get what I want, too. And right now, I want Logan Wright...

Caught (BDSM Billionaire, Book 2) By Timea Tokes
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Devoured (BDSM Billionaire, Book 4) By Timea Tokes
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